Online Bandoneon Classes

Customized bandoneon lessons for beginners and advanced students of all ages considering their interests and availability.

The bandoneon is played at the first class. Music theory is gradually incorporated to bandoneon study. No previous music knowledge is needed.

Methodology and objectives

The methodology I work with includes:
– Technical exercises with scales and arpeggios.
– Interpretation of J. S. Bach’s works.
– Tango rhythm notation models.
– Articulation exercises.
– Tango, Folcklore and other genres musical arrangements.

The objectives are agreed based on each pupil´s interests, nevertheless the following subjects are studied:
– Fully knowledge of the instrument
– Air flow control
– Good sound achievement
– Music reading for bandoneon
– Correct body posture.

Classes Modality

Online classes via zoom, whatsapp, skype or through other platforms. All material to be used is digitized (music sheets, audios and exercises).

Personal Backgroud

– Bachelor´s degree in Argentine Music (Tango and Folklore) – UNSAM (San Martín University) - (taking lessons currently)
– Auditive Perception, musical reading and writing with María del Carmen Aguilar.
– Juan José Castro Conservatory

– - Bachelor’s degree in Argentina Music (Tango y Folklore)- UNSAM (San Martín University) (taking lessons currently)
– I studied with Santiago Segret and with Hugo Satorre.
– Tango Orchestra at UNA (Universidad Nacional de las Artes).

– Juan José Castro Conservatory
– Piano and Keyboard with Jorge Algorta


I have been teaching the bandoneon to children, adolescents and adults for over 10 years.
I have accompanied people, with previous or zero knowledge of music, in the process of learning to read, to listen and to write music.
Private lessons or ensembles to over 200 students.

Music Projects

Giro & Silveyra
Guitar: Adan Silveyra. Bandoneón: Alejandro Giro. Composiciones and arrangement by Adán Silveyra and Alejandro Giró
View Videos

Juan Fracchi Quinteto
Composer and Bass player: Juan Fracchi. Guitar: Mariano Gil, Violín: Gemma Scalia, Cello: Belen Echeveste and Bandoneon: Alejandro Giró.
View Videos

Composer and singer: María Mendizabal, Guitar: Adan Silveira, Bandoneón: Alejandro Giró.
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Sancalpa – Llenando Lugares con Música 
Dúo Músical con José Luis Firpo. Llevamos Música a Hospitales, Hogares, Jardines y Geriátricos.

UNA Tango Orchestra
Director: Ariel Pirotti.
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Alberto Magallan

He is very didactic, patient and empathetic. He provides the teaching material. Very good way of leading the lessons, especially with slow learners like me.
Jorge Crespillo

very good teaching method; he adapts to the level and the learning pace of the students. I highly recommend him.
Oscar Francisco Rolon

I take lessons with Alejandro and, he is really an excellent teacher. He adjusts to your necessities, interests and way of learning. Thanks to him, I have learned and I keep learning new things. I go on taking lessons regardless of the circumstances. I really like taking lessons with him.
Carlos Olivetto

I learned to play the bandoneon when I was a child and, then, I never played it again. When I was 67, I began taking lessons with Alejandro; after a few lessons I began to read music again, I learnt to play with the left hand and to play through zoom. Alejandro is a real teacher, I highly recommend him.
Silvia Cabas

I have been taking lessons with Alejandro for over a year and it is an excellent experience. I had never studied music before, and I’m really surprised of all I have learned. The bandoneon is a fascinating instrument and Alejandro is very patient and flexible.
Jorgelina Herrero Pons

His enthusiasm is contagious, and he transmits the concepts very well. He considers what you want to play and looks for the scores; he will never impose a subject. He is patient. The online classes are as good as the face to face one.
Damian Cacace

Excellent teacher
Guillermo Saldaña

excellent teacher; he particularly adapts to the interests of the student and takes into account the student’s previous knowledge. He encourages students to try other genres. The classes are enjoyable and relaxed but strict enough to learn to play this instrument. For sure I recommend him. ¡Try his lessons!
Ivan Martin Barrera

¡Excellent person and teacher! He is a good teacher to start to learn music or to advance in your knowledge. He transmits his love and passion for the bandoneon
Osvaldo Tedesco

An excellent person and teacher. He is very clear and he adapts to the students requirements. He is the best teacher for those who find this wonderful instrument a bit difficult.
Jose Casanovas

He is a great teacher and person.
Martin Felix

great teacher and person. I highly recommend him.
Matias Sanchez

Alejandro is an excellent person and teacher, very professional. I will continue learning with this great teacher.
Fabian Chattas

He is the best. He is very clear and makes the lessons very enjoyable. I look forward to his lessons.
Laura Schmidt

¡An excellent teacher!
Cristian Fernandez

The best of his generation

Während meines kurzen Aufenthaltes hier in Buenos Aires hat mir Alejandro in einer ersten Bandoneon Stunde viel über dieses wunderbare Instrument beigebracht und erklärt. Ich durfte vom ersten Moment an mit dem Instrument spielen. Eine wunderbare Erfahrung und eine tolle Stunde mit einem hervorragenden Musiker, Lehrer und Menschen. Vielen Dank, Alejandro, ich werde dran bleiben.


Giro & Silveyra – Let Down (Radiohead)

Giro & Silveyra – Una luz

Tequila – Milonga

Irupé – Te puedo escuchar

Irupé – Tierra colorada

Juan Fracchi Quinteto – Sol y Sombra

Juan Fracchi Quinteto – Canción para Quinteto

Orquesta de Tango de la UNA – Soledad

Orquesta de Tango de la UNA – Ojos negros